Spring Cloud OpenFeign Simplified

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Spring Cloud OpenFeign Simplified is a practical guide that dives deep into the usage and features of the Spring Cloud OpenFeign library. The book adopts a complete hands-on approach by using several code snippets to demonstrate how you'll apply each feature in a real-world scenario.  

Who is this book for?

This book is designed for Software Engineers who want to learn how to use Spring Cloud OpenFeign in their projects. A basic understanding of Java and Spring Boot is required to fully appreciate the content of the book.

What's inside the book?

The book has 7 chapters altogether. Six (6) of which are dedicated to explaining key concepts and features of the Spring Cloud OpenFeign library. The seventh (7th) chapter contains references and resources for even more further readings.

Table of Content

  1. Introduction

    1. Overview

    2. Description of Demo API producer service

  2. Spring Cloud OpenFeign Basics

    1. Feign Client Fundamentals

    2. Feign Client Annotations

      1. HTTP Method Annotations

      2. Other Annotations

    3. Feign Client Configuration

      1. Client Configuration via Spring Boot Properties

      2. Client Configuration via a Configuration Class

  3. Feign Client Exception Handling

    1. Default Feign Client Exception Handling

    2. Custom Feign Client Exception Handling

  4. FeignClient Request Interceptors

    1. Adding Request Authorization Token

    2. Generating Request Signature

    3. Encrypting Request Body

  5. Custom FeignClient

    1. Generating a Custom Response

    2. Decrypting an Encrypted Response

  6. Spring Cloud OpenFeign and Eureka

  7. Further Readings and References

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Spring Cloud OpenFeign Simplified

1 rating
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